Friday, December 11, 2009

I read (?) the news today...Oh Boy!

Just a quick post to share this concept video from Sports Illustrated...

More evidence that the way we interact with “text” is changing. To combine and paraphrase something I’ve heard a few folks in the blogosphere says:

We need to stop paper training our students. We should spend less time training our students how to use paper, and more time helping them use digital tools to interact in meaningful and productive ways with the media forms of the day.

Also reminds me that using technology is additive - no one is suggesting that words don't matter, that what we traditionally think of as "writing" is no longer important, but that the very nature of composition is more complex now, and that our instruction, our pedagogy, our learning spaces need to reflect that.

Writing, composing written pieces is no longer exclusively a solitary activity. And we need to expand our definition of composition beyond only text and beyond only a specific medium (book, research paper, academic journal, etc.).

"Text" is changing. Is your classroom?


  1. That is exactly what I want textbooks to look like. Imagine a science book whose pictures came to life with a click, or was as interactive as what they show here!! It would be awesome!! And I think we are headed in that very direction.

  2. Sometimes I feel like the speed of the changes in this world are like the g-force I imagine the astronauts feel as they are lifting off. Whoa! What a rush. Hope I survive and assimilate it all. I'm in. Too curious not to be. Thanks Guru Jimmy!

  3. Technology is so scary as a teacher! We want to change with it as it can be so bebeficial for our students. We just need lots and lots of help. Help!